What type of remodels do you do?
Kitchen, bathroom, full house, porches, closets

Can you provide references?
Of course! Or you may visit our Guild Quality page at:

Do you belong to any professional organizations?
Guild Quality, NARI, Lowcountry Local First

Can you design the project? Or can you provide a designer?
Yes, we offer design services and we also work with the top area designers.

Is your company licensed, insured and bonded?
Yes, we are. We hold SC General Contractor’s License G 116226 and SC Residential Builder’s License 10845. We also hold a specialty license in Plumbing and Electric. We have a General Liability Policy and each of our employees is covered under Workman’s Compensation Policy.

Do you warranty your work?
Yes, a “Common Sense Warranty”. If we installed it incorrectly, we will return and take care of it whether it has been a month, year, or 10 years later. If a part or material breaks or wears out, we can not be held responsible for that. However, we are responsible for any mistakes that we make and we will back that up.

What is your process on change orders?
We try to have everything selected upfront to alleviate changes and any delays that go with these changes.

Do you use subs or do you have your own employees?
Most of the time, we use our own skilled employees. There are times we may sub out flooring, paint, HVAC, glass repairs, and whole roofs.

Why should I select your Company over another?
We are dedicated to positive client experiences influenced by QUALITY professional craftsmanship. Our COMMITMENT to client satisfaction. Our REPUTATION of exceeding client expectations by gaining trust through respect, timeliness, quality craftsmanship, and excellent performance by each and every team member. Whatever you dream, we can create to give you the dwelling place of your dreams.