Mark, Homeowner

I felt that their employees were very courteous, timely and clean. They communicated well with me.vIf there was an issue they came back and took care of it. I would like to recognize Jason, David and Ed for exceptional service. If I ever have to do any repair work on my house, my first call will be to Real Estate Repairs. I will happily endorse Real Estate Repairs for the work that they have done.

Tony, Homeowner

This job was sheetrock repair in the ceiling and a corner joint in a wall which I considered doing myself but am certainly glad I called Real Estate Repairs. The job is perfect and not a single sign that a repair has been done. That would not be the case if I did it. Chris and Darlene were very professional throughout and did an outstanding job! Thanks and Job Well Done!

Matt, Realtor

Communication from Darlene has been great each week!

Pam, Realtor

There was confusion at first regarding scheduling so work would be done prior to CL100. But in the end Darlene and Ed came through which I appreciated very much. The quote with explanation of work to be done was very clear and professional and the pricing was fair and reasonable.

Jim, Realtor

I value Real Estate Repairs as a resource and member of my closing team. The ability to have the work quoted and then preformed by qualified professionals who respect the deadlines of our industry is extremely valuable to my clients and myself. Real Estate Repairs will remain a valued member of my team.

Jim, Realtor

The fact that all repairs can be completed – one stop shop – in a timely fashion, by qualified, reliable people is a huge asset and a great value.

Peggy, Homeowner

David was very friendly and kept the areas clean.

Sarah, Homeowner

All of the administrative emails and telephone/contacting me was exceptional as well. Thank you to Lori for wonderful follow up! Darrell was especially wonderful! All 3 gentlemen that came to my house were courteous friendly and educated in many areas of home repair from electrician services to carpentry , I was very impressed with Darrell, Ed and team. Great guys who are talented and would use again for sure!

Frank & Susan, Homeowners

We have had no issues at all. Everything was 100% perfect. If there were any issues, I know they would take care of them. I am most satisfied with the quality of their workmanship. I felt very comfortable with them in my home.

Pam & Chuck, Homeowners

As the owner, Phil Bennett, knew exactly what had to be done. We met with him on a Thursday. He assessed the work that had to be done. A proposal was sent by Saturday, which was very fair, and they started Monday. David & Justin were the workmen & they did everything that needed to be done, found some unseen issues that were addressed immediately. They were on time all 3 days & the last day insisted on helping me get everything back where it belonged. They were a delight to have around.

Pam, Interior Designer

Real Estate Repairs is an extremely professional company. We would not hesitate to use them again & again. As an interior designer, I am very particular about workmanship. Excellence is in the details & everything they were asked to do was done to perfection. They are an exceptional company that does superb work, fairly priced, done by great, qualified people.

Lucia, Homeowner

Extremely pleasant and professional

John, Homeowner

Ed Wire, who worked on the project, was great. My issue was resolved. I called Real Estate Repairs to take care of an issue at my rental unit while I was out of town. They did a great job fixing everything.

Michael, Homeowner

The head guy that came out and fixed everything was very professional and respectful. I was impressed with the cleanliness of the job site. The guys were also very friendly.

David, Homeowner

Very professional and nice people to work with. They advised me on areas beyond the original scope of work that would have become problems in the future, not everyone would have done that.

Ashley, Realtor

They were on their game, provided the quote quickly and in a industry where customer service is KEY, Real Estate Repairs is beyond good with their customer service! They are quick and effective! And communication is on point!

Bob, Homeowner

They provide services appropriate to my needs at a reasonable price.

Rhonda, Realtor

I would use them as my primary resource at all transactions. The biggest thing that I did not have to worry about when working with Real Estate Repairs was the response time. I couldn’t get a response time from anyone else. They changed schedules to respond in initial phases. Real Estate Repairs reflected on myself very positively. I have given a referral to the other agent because of it.

Kendall, Realtor

I know that when they say they will be there they are and meet deadlines. I am happy to consider them a part of my team.

Kerry Anne, Homeowner

We didn’t have any problems, even though they’ve done a lot of work for us. They were super clean. I wish there were a higher rating. All of them are professional and friendly. They have a very high quality of work. They respect our home and were very friendly.

Michael, Homeowner

I didn’t have to go behind them. They took care of everything.

Bill, Homeowner

Job was done on time. They communicated well and on a timely manner.

Ginger, Homeowner

Just amazing that they were able to send someone on the same day I called. Arrived on time, did the work with a smile, and left the house clean.

Julie, Homeowner

Ed and Jennifer were a pleasure to work with…both answered questions quickly and resolved any issues right away. Customer service was excellent!

Ike, Homeowner

Could not be happier!

Garrett, Realtor

Exceeding expectation – On a scale from 0 – 10, would you rate Real Estate Repairs an 11? The answer = yes!

Beju, Homeowner

I enjoyed the experience of working with true craftsmen and top-notch experts in their field. They were very trustworthy and felt that they actually cared for us. They customize the solution based on what our needs were and went above and beyond to make it happen. If not for their great explanation of the process behind what they do, I would have thought that their methods were almost magical!

Shelley, Homeowner

I was very pleased. No room for improvement. They were all very friendly, organized, and timely.

Tracy, Homeowner

Area of Satisfaction – “Communication. Every question asked whether it be on phone, text or email was answered in a timely manner.

Jon, Homeowner

I was most satisfied with their willingness to adjust to changing requirements.

Bob, Homeowner

Totally trustworthy and competent personnel. I felt very comfortable with everyone I met working at my house and was totally pleased with the quality of the work done.

Jeanie Acsell, Carolina One Real Estate

Customer service and communication was excellent, our job was unusual and they did a great job of making sure everything was done correctly.

Thomas Henderson, CCBG Real Estate Group

They do good quality work. The key component of their business is their office manager. She keeps them in line.

Jim Grady, Coldwell Banker

Real Estate Repairs has earned my business through professional communication, excellent work, and competitive pricing. Thanks for a job very well done.

Jim, Homeowner

I was very happy with the carpenter, Abraham. He was always there on time for the appointment, and I appreciated this because I am on a tight time schedule.

Linda and Dave Bebenroth

Dave and I were truly impressed by Mark’s honest evaluation of the work we needed completed and his openness to answering all of our many questions. He is truly a quality craftsman! Our family members who reside in Ohio include electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and painters, so we truly appreciate and value the work of a knowledgeable tradesman like Mark!

Mary Moore

Thanks for your patience and understanding while we worked through the problems of assessing the fault and liability of the repair performed earlier by a different contractor. We finally are confident that the repair is completed correctly. The service professional that was subcontracted by R.E.R was knowledgeable, thorough and very polite. All of that is important as a homeowner.

Patricia, Homeowner

Very impressed with the response time. Phil was at my house to evaluate the problem within an hour of calling him and the repair was made within 24 hours! Thank you!”

Steve, Homeowner

I was most satisfied in their ability to address unforeseen problems.

Russ, Homeowner

No areas of improvement – delivered on time, on budget, addressed punch list promptly. Offered innovative and creative solutions. Ability to complete a total redo of kitchen, baths, flooring, and numerous decorating issues from 1500 miles away.

Kaye, Homeowner

We’ve used Real Estate Repairs previously, and were obviously satisfied with their work or we wouldn’t have called them again. We’d definitely recommend them to others, and would use them for future projects. They work well independently, and are very conscientious about the quality of their work. They always leave the area where they’re working clean and neat. If they see other issues as they’re working on a task they bring it to your attention and offer suggestions, but aren’t pushy about trying to sell additional work.

Sue Hensch, Realtor, Carolina One Real Estate

Real Estate Repairs provide superior service to my clients.

R.J., Realtor, Carolina One Real Estate

Great communication, professionalism with work and with my expectations, and getting the job done well and on-time. Having you as a one stop shop for my clients is a huge blessing to me as a Realtor. Thank you!

A. R., Realtor, Keller Williams Real Estate

The termite and water damage required was much more extensive than originally planned but Real Estate Repairs was trustworthy with completing the work required for a reasonable price.

E.H., Realtor, Carolina One Real Estate

Go to guys to take care of any repair issues.

Jerry, Homeowner

Keep up the great work!

K. P., Realtor, Keller Williams Real Estate

Real Estate Repairs didn’t fall short of my expectations. They make accommodations and respond quickly if the project is urgent. I was satisfied with their professionalism. I use them for a lot of my clients. I am confident in them. They always make the client happy.

S. R., Realtor, Carolina One Real Estate

I was satisfied with their communication and the quality of their work.

Larry and Margie Myers, Homeowners

The employees and subcontractors of Real Estate Repairs are professional and courteous. I felt safe with team members in my home. Trust is very important.

S. S., Homeowner

They are a wonderful company. I would recommend them anybody.

John, Homeowner

Using Real Estate Repairs is a no-brainer for anyone preparing to sell a home. They have a great staff to make repairs and where they need contractors they have great relationships. Having one point of contact makes these part of selling a home and moving that much easier. Thank you for the great service! The actual employees of R E R were exceptional and the contractors were very good. The employees take ownership and care about doing a good job.

Mary, Homeowner

The main reason for having them was to repair a leak or two. It is such a relief to be rid of the leak!! The team members were so courteous and cleaned up our place so well after the work was done. We particularly appreciated the advice of Tony re: our prior selection of a ceiling material. As a result we actually ended up spending less than we had anticipated.

Doug, Homeowner

They understood the schedule pressure of needing to complete things before the sale of the house, so they were communicative and also made sure the inspection thru to repair addressed the concerns for all parties.

Earl, Homeowner

I was most satisfied with how they had good ideas to enhance what we were wanting, what they did looked professionally done and they stood behind the price that they quoted. It was a very good experience overall.

E. K., Realtor, Carolina One Real Estate

Jennifer is very helpful on the phone setting up the appointments and making sure work was completed. I felt very comfortable with the team members in my mother’s home.

Roy, Homeowner

I was surprised that they came in and did everything that they said, honored every single commitment including the military discount, and they did a fantastic job.

Mary Fiore, Homeowner

Real Estate Repairs has done an excellent job for us in Charleston. We live in Boston so having them down at the house when we need them is worth its weight in gold!

April, Homeowner

I was most satisfied with my experience with Real Estate Repairs in the time frame in getting the work done.April, Homeowner

Ross Britton, Homeowner

They really took care of everything. I told them what I wanted, and they did no more and no less.

M. F., Realtor, William Means Real Estate

I liked their professionalism and follow through. Jennifer, at the office, does a great job.

Matt, Homeowner

They got everything done on time.

Ken, Homeowner

I was most satisfied with my experience with Real Estate Repairs in their punctuality.

Julie and Mike, Homeowners

Really nice people — courteous, reliable, thoughtful, professional — and we look forward to working with them again! Care and attention to detail across the board!

David and Linda, Homeowners

Because the repairs were requested by the buyers who had an inspection and were attempting to close in two weeks, RER prioritized the repairs needed and fit us into their busy schedule.

Beth, Homeowner

I appreciate the prompt service and the detailed explanation as to what the problem was and what needed to be done to correct it. Through knowing Jennifer. She’s a great asset to your company!

Mary, Homeowner

Mark, Tony, Bruce, Haynes-Thanks for such a good job, what a great crew!

Jennifer Acunto, Homeowner

AWESOME! Phil, Harrison, and Jen were very professional & friendly. Cabinets were painted and look fantastic. I sent Phil pictures via email-feel free to use them in advertising ! Thank you so much!

Martha Freshley, William Means Real Estate

Office Manager was very good. I knew when I called that I would get action. She was polite as well as competent and seemed to be concerned with any questions that I had about the progress of the repairs.

John G. Foscolos, Chucktown Homes

Fast response, communication was excellent and utilizing email for updates was a big help. Nice job on the work!

Beth Lewis, Homeowner

Phil came to the house on short notice for an urgent repair. I appreciate him communicating clearly the nature of the problem and what was needed to repair it. He also did a little “touch up” work that he noticed was needed. I highly recommend Real Estate Repairs.

Matt Scarafile, Carolina One

I was on a tight timeline for some cl-100 repairs and Jen & Mark got the job done to ensure an on-time closing. The repairs and reports were very thorough and both parties were happy.

Megan Cannon, Homeowner

The quick response to get out to the house was impressive. Fixing a roof leak has been an ongoing battle, but your attempts to get it correct have left me comfortable that it will get fixed. I appreciate your honesty about potential problems that may be ahead and we will call if anything else happens. Thank you very much.

Maria Woodul, Realtor, Carolina One Real Estate

Phil-as always, thank you for the great service! I have been able to count on you for several years now!

John Carey, Homeowner

The team at RER is fantastic. Everyone is capable and proactive which made the coordination of selling my property much simpler than it would have been had I tried to coordinate repairs on my own.

Linda Witte, Keller Williams

The seller was very pleased with the work done and the timely communication they received. I found workers with your company to be a good experience. Most importantly, calls and emails were promptly returned.

Nancy, Homeowner

1) Customer Service- always answered the phone personally and promptly. 2) Great worker communication!

Ken Crowley, Homeowner

Responsive, done right the first time, quality staff!

Julie and Mike Mitaro, Homeowner

Phil Bennett and his team at Real Estate Repairs were a pleasure to work with. We were new to the area and quickly learned they were a great and reputable company. Phil listened to our needs and worked hard with his team to help us achieve the design, renovations, and repairs that we wanted. The work they did included building an addition as well as fine cabinetry. Their work was truly impressive and very high quality. During the three+ months they were working in our home they were consistently on-time, professional, courteous, and they always left our place neat and tidy at the end of each day. We now have a house that feels like our ‘home’ and the ‘to do list’ we had at closing is a distant memory!

Darlene Smith, Carolina One Real Estate

Always the best!

Rob Fowler, Homeowner


Elizabeth Jantzi, Jantzi Real Estate

Buyer was satisfied and closing happened! Thanks again!

Jeff Kotz, DMD & Business Owner

Thank you for showing up to work on time and as scheduled. Thank you for cleaning up after each visit.

Sherri Falin, Homeowner

Mark completed the job as if he was working on his own house. Thanks for making a difference.

Cara K, Homeowner

Prompt, excellent, and professional.

Ruford and Margaret, Homeowners

I am very pleased with our ‘new’ bathroom. It couldn’t be better. The technicians were excellent, courteous, and committed to ‘getting it right’. Matt was a real hustler… a big guy working in a small room, and he did a super job. Mark, an interesting individual, gets a triple A rating. Glitches were handled smoothly by all involved.

Mary Cutler, William Means Real Estate

You did what you said you would do in the time that you said it would be done and you always answered the phone or called me right back – Thanks.

Mary Carson, RE/MAX Advanced Realty

Great job – as usual! Quality work-excellent follow up.

Fred Gamble, Homeowner

I really appreciate the fast response whenever I call. Also you provide a fair price for the excellent service you provided me.

BV Messervy, Carolina One Real Estate

Phil and Brian were great! Professional & Prompt. Bid was thorough and easy to understand. Finished work looks great!

Margie and Larry Myers, Homeowners

Reliable, honest, courteous, and hard working. Is there anything more we can say? YES! Quality work and we miss seeing each and everyone of you. We feel like we have made new friends. If any of you are ever on Daniel Island stop by for a chat and we will put the coffee pot on. Phil, I know you took pictures, but if you would like to show our bookcase to anyone, give us a call and we would be more than happy to do so.

Dawn Zerangue, Homeowner

Fast/Efficient/Complete Job

Dave Jarman, Homeowner

We had a problem due to the another contractor’s poor work. One call and the job was done right by Real Estate Repairs. Granite looks great now, It was all worth it!

Geri Sadowski, Homeowner

Very Professional in all aspects!

Ralph Malear, Homeowner

Great Job! Very Professional.

Ginger Black, Homeowner

Thank you so much for your quick response and professionalism in helping me adjust to my new home. It is reassuring to know that I can call you in just about everything. I am already making my next ‘to do’ list for you. Thanks Mark. You are great and Phil-GO REDSKINS!

Russel Gibaut, Homeowner

Phil was extremely polite, courteous, and professional. He kept us informed of exactly what needed to be done and how it was progressing. He was a great asset in quite a stressful time.

Ed Hunnicutt, Carolina One Real Estate

I have relied on Real Estate Repairs for years to help me with inspection repair lists and repairs to REO properties. Phil Bennet and his crew are always quick to respond and do a thorough job. They are a one stop operation that can take care of everything so I don’t have to hire multiple contractors. They are also very good at explaining things to clients. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity.

Allison Tysinger, Homeowner

Thank you for taking care of repairs during the closing of my home sale. It was a huge relief knowing you were on the job and things would get done.

Judy McCann

Response was great even after the closing. Very prompt in responding. Met with new homeowner to explain. Workmanship was tweaked as requested.

Kim Meyer, Keller Williams Real Estate

By far the most reliable company I have experienced in servicing my clients with repairs and renovations. They do it right the First Time with Flying Colors and guarantee all their work….I don’t recommend anyone else…it is ALWAYS Real Estate Repairs for my Sellers from punching out items on a Repair Addendum, to my Buyers, where Phil helps the Buyers envision future renovations. Professional, reliable and cost competitive…love them!!!

David Sword, Homeowner

Everything was great! Prompt response-quality workmanship!

Keckley Mahaffey, Homeowner

Available to repair within a short deadline. Fantastic service.

Sue Hensch, Carolina One Real Estate

Fast to respond-understands time sensitive situations-provides top notch service. A pleasure to work with.

Steve Kaul, Carolina One Real Estate

Your quick Response, thorough assessment, and comprehensive resuslts all added up to peace of mind and increased confidence with the listing’s ability to sell.

Carmen Dooley, Homeowner

Convenient, quick, and thorough.

Sharon and Kreis, Homeowners

Very Professional friendly attitude. Very pleased with the work performed. I will highly recommend!

Kathleen, Homeowner

Nice workmen, considerate.

Millie Shaw, Homeowner

Broken pipes in attic and wall space were repaired and wet insulation removed. After using dehumidifiers insulation was installed. Major repairs such as removal and replacement of hardwood floors, new carpet and pads, some sheetrock and doors replaced and painted. All of this was done in RECORD TIME!

Randall Greene, Homeowner

Outstanding effort & service from the entire team. Phil and team went above and beyond to solve the problem for a new resident to the area. Team battled against adverse weather to complete the ob in short time flow. Will recommend R.E. Repairs to all- and will use services again for other jobs. THANK YOU PHIL & TEAM!!!

Kathy, Homeowner

Like how you came when you said you would. Like how you itemized pricing.