Frank & Susan, Homeowners

We have had no issues at all. Everything was 100% perfect. If there were any issues, I know they would take care of them. I am most satisfied with the quality of their workmanship. I felt very comfortable with them in my home.

David, Homeowner

Very professional and nice people to work with. They advised me on areas beyond the original scope of work that would have become problems in the future, not everyone would have done that.

Michael, Homeowner

I didn’t have to go behind them. They took care of everything.

Garrett, Realtor

Exceeding expectation – On a scale from 0 – 10, would you rate Real Estate Repairs an 11? The answer = yes!

Beju, Homeowner

I enjoyed the experience of working with true craftsmen and top-notch experts in their field. They were very trustworthy and felt that they actually cared for us. They customize the solution based on what our needs were and went above and beyond to make it happen. If not for their great explanation of the process behind what they do, I would have thought that their methods were almost magical!

Shelley, Homeowner

I was very pleased. No room for improvement. They were all very friendly, organized, and timely.

Tracy, Homeowner

Area of Satisfaction – “Communication. Every question asked whether it be on phone, text or email was answered in a timely manner.

Bob, Homeowner

Totally trustworthy and competent personnel. I felt very comfortable with everyone I met working at my house and was totally pleased with the quality of the work done.

Steve, Homeowner

I was most satisfied in their ability to address unforeseen problems.

Larry and Margie Myers, Homeowners

The employees and subcontractors of Real Estate Repairs are professional and courteous. I felt safe with team members in my home. Trust is very important.

S. S., Homeowner

They are a wonderful company. I would recommend them anybody.

Earl, Homeowner

I was most satisfied with how they had good ideas to enhance what we were wanting, what they did looked professionally done and they stood behind the price that they quoted. It was a very good experience overall.

Julie and Mike, Homeowners

Really nice people — courteous, reliable, thoughtful, professional — and we look forward to working with them again! Care and attention to detail across the board!

Maria Woodul, Realtor, Carolina One Real Estate

Phil-as always, thank you for the great service! I have been able to count on you for several years now!

Rob Fowler, Homeowner


Ruford and Margaret, Homeowners

I am very pleased with our ‘new’ bathroom. It couldn’t be better. The technicians were excellent, courteous, and committed to ‘getting it right’. 

Russel Gibaut, Homeowner

Phil was extremely polite, courteous, and professional. He kept us informed of exactly what needed to be done and how it was progressing. He was a great asset in quite a stressful time.

Sharon and Kreis, Homeowners

Very Professional friendly attitude. Very pleased with the work performed. I will highly recommend!

Kathleen, Homeowner

Nice workmen, considerate.

Randall Greene, Homeowner

Outstanding effort & service from the entire team. Phil and team went above and beyond to solve the problem for a new resident to the area. Team battled against adverse weather to complete the ob in short time flow. Will recommend R.E. Repairs to all- and will use services again for other jobs. THANK YOU PHIL & TEAM!!!